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This site is dedicated to the men and women of Hillsborough County Fire Rescue. I hope you find this useful as it's sole intention is to make our jobs easier. This site is built to be optimized for mobile devices so

Target Solutions

Yes! Click the image or here to enter the Target Solutions site for HCFR and get your training on.

County Website From Home?

Yes! You can view the County's intranet from home. Simply click on the logo or here and download the Vmware client. Make sure you choose the right bit (64 or 32) and DO NOT choose the option "View Client with Local Mode". Use your county credntials and BOOM your in.


Do you want some overtime? Click here or the image above and grab that OT...or call out..whatever..

Greatest Medical Sites EVER!

I am all about FOAM (Free Open Access Medicine). Listed below are THE best sites you can find on the net. Visit these regularly you will be diagnosing Brugada's faster than you can say "Saddle-Back ST Segement in V1"...or something like that.

They are "Australasian critical care physicians and nurses exploring the changing world of eLearning, emergency medicine, critical care and toxicology through clinical cases, fictionalized anecdotes and medical satire" and HANDS DOWN one of the best ECG websites you can find! Clik the logo for the site. Click HERE for the ECG sections.

If you havnt heard of EMCrit than WAKE UP AND SMELL THE C-DIFF! Dr. Weingart, The GodFather of FOAM makes you feel like the dumbest person on Earth but God bless him for pioneering this phenom and giving us the greatest blog of all time! He also runs a podcast which you NEED to listen to: Click the logo for the blog. Click HERE for the Podcast. (You might need a podcast player or Podcatcher). Contact me if you need help with this.

Let's Learn Shall We?

Some more resources to become even more awesome

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